Together with my best friend- Nostalgia!

I am very happy today. My best friend from school called me in the afternoon. She told me that she is coming to my home next month. Wow! it’s such an amazing feeling. We have spent our school days together. It was so much fun. With the twists and turns of life, we didn’t get much time to spend together after school. It had been two years since I had met her. Now, she is going to spend two weeks with me at my place. It would be fantastic. I am so much looking forward to it and can’t wait to see her.

I digged out my old albums and got this cute picture of our college days. Ah! I forget to introduce her. Here she is – Misha.


She loves Ice Creams

Isn’t she cute? She really is! This photograph is from our early college days. It brings back so many memories. School pranks, fighting over trivial issues, making up after fights, treats and shopping from pocket money, school picnics – I am already feeling nostalgic. She has always been a great support in my life. A shoulder to cry upon, when things went bad. The motivation to hold longer when I was about to give up. A smile to look forward on my achievements.

She was one of the few people who trusted my dreams of becoming a traveler. Though, I was not convinced myself about it,  she was confident that I would do it. She looked forward to hear stories of my travels on re-opening of schools after summer vacations. Her beaming eyes on hearing my travel stories were rewarding as well as motivating.

I remember a time when I wanted to go to Nanital for a trekking expedition in school days. However, my parents were strictly against it that was the final year in school. My parents thought it will adversely affect my studies. She came over to my home and convinced my parents. She told them that she would give me her study notes. When I came back from expedition, she helped me to bridge the gap in my studies.

Did you like this glimpse into my school days? I am sure you would have associated with similar incidences in your life? Tell me about your anecdotes with your best buddy through comments. My best friend would be coming over next month. I have planned a trip to Alibaug and Kashid beach with her. Don’t forget to check the post on our Alibaug trip next month.

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  1. Great to know the person who had a profound influence on becoming what you are today. Keep on traveling.