Life of My Dreams OR Conspiracy of the World

I am an Indian girl who is a traveler by profession – Pooja

I am happy that I could chose a path for myself and follow it. I liked travelling since my childhood. I wanted to become a traveler. It was easy to dream about being a traveler. It was much difficult to convince myself to start working on it. I don’t know how far I have reached in living a life of my dreams. May be it is a conspiracy of the world that made me a traveler. May be I have chosen this life with my hard work and determination. When I look back at my life, I face this question

Is it life of my dreams or conspiracy of the world?

In order to answer this question, I need to look back and introspect.

Unconventional Dreams of an Indian

I am an Indian. We, Indians have a mentality to save money. We save money for a house, gold, daughter’s marriage, medical help, old age and other such things. In India, Maruti Cars are considered better than Volkswagen. Here VFM is considered more than VFD, i.e Value for Money is considered more than Value for dreams. We are brought up in our families to chose the conventional way. That means we should get a good job, marry a person with a well paid job and live a secure life. We are afraid to try something new. The fear of failure make us give up our dreams.

Boulevard of the Broken Dreams

This world can be aptly described as boulevard of the broken dreams. Everyday wanna-be photographers, writers, comedians, footballers break their dreams to live a 9 to 5 job life. There are lot of college pass outs who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs and have a #Startup. But, they are forced to toe the line. Particularly in India, lots of girls ditch their boyfriends just for high earning matrimonial prospects for an easy and “safe” life. Guys leave their girlfriends and opt for arranged marriages in order to have more social security.

When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream – Paulo Coelho

Dare to Dream

Amidst all those reasons motivating us to live in a cocoon, there are a few who dare to dream, dare to differ and dare to make a difference. There are likes of this IIM pass-out who left his banking career to become a writer. Then, there are IIT pass-outs, who followed their dream to set a #startup for housing.

The Indian Advantage

My Indian family and bringing up pushed me to stop dreaming of being a traveler. I pursued my graduation in Information Technology. Was it a disadvantage for me that I was an Indian? No. I am proud to be born in India. This is where the conspiracy of the world started to hone the traveler in me. I continued my formal education, but didn’t give up on traveling. I used my summer vacations, Christmas holidays, visits to relatives and all possible opportunities to travel in India. My country is a paradise for traveler. Desert, marshland, backwaters, hills, snow-capped mountains, jungles, islands, beaches, lakes, rivers, urban jungles, architecture, history, culture, wildlife – India has all of these, to satiate the spirit of travelling. Till I finished my college, I have been to quite a few places in India. I maintained a diary to note my travel experiences. When my parents asked me to pick up a job, I dared to differ.

Taking Risks

Realizing one’s dream is a risky affair. Every step towards dream involve risks. There is a risk of “Un-securing” yourself. If you walk the unconventional way, you will be insecure. By following your dream, you are putting all your eggs in one basket. Also, there’s a risk of competition. When we are taking a call, we are aware that we are not the only ones who are following this particular dream. The Writer had other writers to compete for. When I wanted to travel blogger, there were so many to compete from. But I believe in this, that

“The world is so large that it has space for success of all deserving people” – Pooja

Putting Efforts

After college, I took up a job in a travel agency for two years. I learnt a lot of things regarding travel planning and managing tours. In my own time, I researched various destinations over the Internet. I picked up various tricks to travel in a better way. I continued to maintain my diary to note whatever I learnt.

I joined a few of the organised trips of my travel agency in India and explored few destinations. I didn’t like tour packages for travelling. However, the tours thought me things like planning itinerary, communicating with people etc. In one of the tour to Manali, I met the love of my life. Love infused required courage and support in my life. I quit my job and planned my first international trip to Turkey with my partner. There was no looking back afterwards. I decided to convert my handwritten notes to digital ones slowly with this blog.

Now, I am a professional traveler. I am not saying I have started earning enough with travelling. Nor I am saying I am settled in life of my dreams. All I am saying is that

I am living a life of my dream and I am going to keep at it.

Questions for you

Did I achieve life of my dreams? Or was it a conspiracy of the world? The questions remains unanswered. I could have lived a well settled life, may be working in an IT company. However, I am living of my dreams which is not secure. Is it due to my efforts? Is it the conspiracy of the world? Is it right? I am unsure. May be you can provide the answer?

Are you living a life of your dreams? Are you aspiring for a life of your dreams? What were the biggest obstructions you faced or facing? Did the world conspired to give you a push towards your dream? Tell me your experiences, dreams and views. Over to you!

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