How travel blogging infuses optimism in my life?

Blogging is a painful task. Professional bloggers would agree with me. The to-do list of a travel blogger includes travelling, writing good content, analyzing analytics, mastering webmaster, socializing on twitter/ FB/ Instragram/ tumblr, researching keywords, commenting on blogs, building links, optimizing page speed among various other things. Its a common notion that jobless travel bloggers must be having a lazy life. However, I must say that blogging takes away more hours than a day job. If you are thinking that so much work must be generating a lot of money for a travel blogger, then you are completely wrong. The money from blog is only enough to keep the blog running and fund travel partially.

No money and more work! Am I crazy to run a blog? I ask this question to myself many times. The pessimist in me persuades me to shut down blogging. What’s the point of putting in so much of hard work when there is no gain out of it? The world will survive with one less travel blogger, there are so many like me. My readers will find other interesting blogs to keep themselves satiated. I should quit blogging. These are the questions and answers raised by the pessimist in my mind.


But then there’s hope! The world lives on it. Often, I get mails and comments from my readers telling me how my blog helped them in making a smooth connection from Paris to Barcelona, how my posts helped them in making Istanbul itinerary, how they had a romantic date in Montmartre – thanks to my guide. The optimist in me wakes up.

I find similar happiness as my dad used to find returning home after a long day’s work. The happiness of satisfaction. The happiness of goodness. I feel happy that I was able to inspire someone somewhere to travel. It gives me joy if someone had a better holiday because of me. If sharing my knowledge could ease the journey of a traveler, I will keep blogging.

There’s another strange way in which my blog infuses optimism in my life. It’s a way of giving back to the world, which taught me so many things. The best part is that the blogger may quit blogging or this world, but the blog remains (provided the hosting is paid off). Its good to know that my blog and its positivism will live much longer than myself. How many of us are remembered long after we are gone? Other than family and friends, who else cares for what we did in life? The world is rising and riding on the Internet. Therefore, I am sure bloggers will be remembered for their optimism in life.

I am optimistic about my travel blog. Rather, it’s my blog which infuses optimism in my life. For now, I have purchased hosting of Travel Jots for next ten years i.e. year 2026. I hope I could travel to Barcelona in 2026 and blog about successful completion of Sagrada Familia.

I was motivated to write about “optimism in my life” for Housing. Housing is the biggest company of real estate in India and envisions a world filled with positivity.

That was my story. I would love to hear your side. What infuses optimism in your life? What keeps you going? Let me know your views through comments. I will look forward for it this time – for optimism of course!

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6 Responses

  1. Gaurab says:

    That’s a wonderful post. I started writing when I was going through a really down point and the blog gave me peace as well as freedom. It’s great that you have purchased you site for next ten years. 🙂

    • Pooja says:

      Thanks Gaurab for sharing your experience. I guess blogging gives us strength, hope and courage required to convert bad times into good ones.

  2. Agness says:

    I absolutely agree! I was never happy as much as I am now when travelling :D!!

  3. Antonina says:

    You’re right, Pooja. Monetary reward is not the prime goal of a travel blogger. Though a decent revenue from a blog is always welcome, of course 🙂