The Pursuit of Happiness Ends Right Here

Happiness is the most sought after emotion in the world. Simply put, it is a feeling of satisfaction. However, the satisfaction can come from things ranging from filling lunch to filling bank deposits. You can be happy roaming around the world, attaining a college degree, being in love or being successful. The seven virtues as well as sins can yield happiness.

I really wonder if happiness can come from so many things , then why are people sad at all? We get sad when we are unable to achieve something we wish to. Events like not getting admission in desired college, being turned down in love, having a poor life, things going wrong can make us sad.

Understanding Happiness

If you set yourself up to get something and you are able to do it, you will be happy. Otherwise, you will be sad. One more important thing about happiness and sadness is, that they don’t last forever. Some kind of happiness last a few seconds, others last for few years. But, there can be no happiness (or sadness) which will last forever.

Single people find happiness in relationship. Couples get married for being happier. Sooner or later, life gets sad for couples too trying to make a family. Even, happiness which comes with kids does not linger around much. The vicious cycle of greed and satisfaction never lets us live happily ever after.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

I understand happiness is like smoking. The high feeling lasts only till you hold the lit cigarette in your fingers. The moment you stub it out, its over. If you want to have the feeling again, you will have to light another cigarette. Similarly, happiness is associated with an accomplishment of something. You need to keep setting targets and achieving them to be happy again and again.

It’s easy to find happiness

One more thing about happiness is that you don’t have to always do something to achieve it. Sometimes, you can be happy doing nothing. You can be happy with a simple thing like reading this blog or having a coca cola. My pursuit for happiness ends with these five effortless things:-

  1. When cool breeze hits my face.
  2. Touching a plant.
  3. Taking a sound sleep.
  4. Go for a walk.
  5. Having a glass of water and feel my body cooling down.

And they lived happily ever after…

Are you happy after reading this post? Do you agree with my ideas of happiness? Do you believe that small things can bring happiness? What are the small things which make you happy? Tell me your views through comments. I look forward to read your comments. Don’t forget to add at least one thing which makes you happy.

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