Best place to stay in Bikaner

Wondering about the best place to stay in Bikaner? Rather best palace to stay in Rajasthan? I recently visited Bikaner as part of my Rajasthan road trip. Whenever my readers ask me about palaces to visit in Rajasthan, I always tell them why visit a palace when you can actually stay in them. Bikaner boasts of three best places for a royal stay and they are Laxmi Niwas Palace, Lalgarh Palace and Narendra Bhawan. I was for three days in Bikaner and I was finding difficult to choose my stay. The first two palaces were the former residential palaces of the king of the former Bikaner state, Maharaja Ganga Singh. The third in the list, Narendra Bhawan was the residence of last reigning king of Bikaner, His highness Narendra Singh.

Narendra Bhawan is best place to stay in Bikaner

Narendra Bhawan is best place to stay in Bikaner

Searching for best place to stay in Bikaner

I went through Tripadvisor reviews of the three properties and scanned the tariffs on popular booking sites. Also, I searched online for reviews of Laxmi Niwas Palace, Lalgarh Palace and Narendra Bhawan. After reading the reviews, I zeroed on to Narendra Bhawan. All three properties seemed equally good, but Narendra Bhawan offered far better luxurious stay than others. The hotel staff called me a few times before my arrival to make sure my journey was hassle free. The hospitality of the staff made me feel as if I am going to my own home and my family is waiting for me.

First Impression at Narendra Bhawan, Bets place to stay in Bikaner

First Impression at Narendra Bhawan

First Impression of Narendra Bhawan

The grandeur of the property was impressive. It felt good to stay in a heritage palace turned hotel. When I entered my room, It had all five star luxury and modern facilities. I was wondering how is it possible to have such luxurious rooms in a heritage property. I have stayed in the palaces earlier and it is common that rooms are not renovated fully to preserve the heritage. We always tend to miss the modern facilities while staying in a heritage hotel, but not at Narendra Bhawan. I was surprised and curious to know how Narendra Bhawan has achieved this delicate fusion of old and new, heritage as well as modern.

Memorable stay at Bikaner

Memorable stay at Bikaner

My curiosity was soon doused when Mr. Faisal, Area general Manager for Narendra Bhawan told me that the property has been constructed just three months back. It was surprising and unbelievable. He later explained how residence of Maharaja Narendra Singh has been reconstructed to the Marvellous Narendra Bhawan.

Diwali Chowk at Narendra Bhawan, Best place to stay in Bikaner

Diwali Chowk at Narendra Bhawan

Here are the reasons which made Narendra Bhawan triumph as the best place to stay in Bikaner. When you stay at Narendra Bhawan, you get the best of heritage palace experience with all modern comfort and unequalled luxury.

Little things make all the difference

The hotel restaurant P & C has a timeless and elegant ambiance. I loved “the museum Dinner” in the night room at Narendra Bhawan. Presentation of the meal courses was very unique and beautifully different. The ‘small portion’ of the meals are thoughtfully  crafted to ensure guests get to taste an entire range of cuisine. I will also recommend Bikaneri Breakfast at the P & C. The breakfast is sumptuous and brings together local Bikaneri dishes on your table.

Private dining at P & C, Narendra Bhawan, Best place to stay in Bikaner

Private dining at P & C

Narendra Bhawan has a fully equipped gymnasium, flower therapy spa and an infinity pool for guests. The facilities at the heritage hotel are well crafted to ensure a relaxing holiday for the guests.

Infinity Pool at Narendra Bhawan, Best place to stay in Bikaner

Infinity Pool at Narendra Bhawan

Another reason that makes Narendra Bhawan as bets place to stay in Bikaner is the quintessential homely feeling, reflected in the common areas like ‘Diwali Chowk’ and “Guashala’. You can spend quality time with your family here and be-with-yourself for hours without any disturbance.

Guashala at Narendra Bhawan, Best place to stay in Bikaner

Guashala at Narendra Bhawan

The ‘old morris’ parked outside the Narendra Bhawan was particularly amusing. It symbolised  heritage and history, the reasons for my Rajasthan trip. If you are travelling to Bikaner, I will recommend Narendra Bhawan, as a perfect stay. You may find more details on Narendra Bhawan on their website.

Royal Stay at Bikaner

Royal Stay at Bikaner

My Rajasthan trip had an awesome beginning in Bikaner with a marvellous stay at the best place to stay in Bikaner. I moved on to Jaisalmer from Bikaner and continued on my month long expedition, keeping all good memories of Narendra Bhawan deep in my heart.

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