Stay Riverside – Club Mahindra, Baiguney, Sikkim

Nestled in the mountains of West Sikkim on the banks of River Rangeet, Club Mahindra, Baiguney is a real Paradise. This resort is located in Jorethang, a small town of Sikkim and a lesser known neighbour to the famous Darjeeling.

View from Balcony of Room

The Resort

We visited this resort as part of a 3 day, 2 nights gift package from Club Mahindra, India and really enjoyed our stay. In the heart of nature, this resort is a real break from city life. We had a prompt pick-up from Bagdogra airport and we landed at the resort after a two hour ride. We had a warm welcome from the hotel staff along with a welcome stole and drink. We were provided with a nice river facing room on the second floor.


Though, the river is slightly visible from the room, being at lower height and covered with forest trees, the lovely sound of flowing water kept us mesmerized throughout the period of our stay.

Scenic view all around

The resort being situated in the valley with mountains all around, had a 360 degrees scenic view of forests trees and hills. Moreover, a lovely view of mountains and greenery is visible right from the bed.


The architect of the resort had been thoughtful to provide a transparent wall of glass towards the river-side. So, if you keep the curtains open, you will literally be sleeping  in the lap of nature. Also, the property is so well placed that there is no invasion to your privacy even if curtains are open as the other side faces the hill.

The Ambiance


The interior decoration of the Resort has been done really well. The Owners have used natural decorations, locally available plants, stones in an innovative way to finally achieve a close-to-nature and beautifully decorated resort. Also, the restaurant is lovely with both  A -la-carte and buffet menu. They serve good variety of dishes and we found the meals in good taste. Also, the Rooms, Bed and Bedding, toiletries and room service are totally five star standard

River Rangeet 

River Rangeet
The Rangeet River is the highlight of this resort and therefore, we thoroughly enjoy it for both the mornings of our stay. On the first morning, we found river water really clean, clear and sweet. But, the second day the water was muddy as the dam was opened up. So, I advice that whichever day you find the river at its best, give enough time there. When we found muddy water on the second morning, Pooja told me “some good things only happen once.” Overall, the blissful time spent right on the bed of river would surely be etched in our memories.


Advice : Kids should be kept only till the bank of the river, as the flow of water is little on the higher side. Adventurous people may explore the lovely Rangeet, the way they like (at their own risk).

Activity Room


The resort has a wonderful activity room with a lot of games. We tried badminton (outdoor), table tennis, chess and billiards and enjoyed all of them. The resort has fun zone staff who would be happy to play with you and also, would engage your kids while you are enjoying the resort. The hospitality and courteousness of the fun zone staff is noteworthy.

Travel Desk

Our pick-up from the airport was arranged by Travel Desk at resort and seemed to be fairly priced. We visited this resort during month long strike period in West Bengal and were feeling quite unsafe. However, the travel desk assured us of their services and kept us updated on the strike. The driver took the safe roads and did not take shortcuts from the strike affected region.  It is worth to mention that travel desk provides Innova/ scorpio with AC at a price lower than local taxis. I will recommend you to opt for Mahindra travel desk cars for your day visits. However, it is a place to relax, so just relax. And, do not push yourself for a lot of visits to tire yourself. 

The Staff

The hospitality of hotel staff and reception is excellent. They always smile around and are ready to help. We were non members, but they still treated us good. And yes, Mahindra did not charge us a single penny, tax etc. for the stay as promised by our gift voucher. They only charged us for our meals at the restaurant. A big thanks to the Baiguney staff for making our trip – lovely and most cherished.

The Verdict

Overall, it’s a lovely place in the lap of nature to relax and have a good time as couple/ family. This resort of Club Mahindra provides you luxury in the midst of Nature.

“Breathe pure air, listen to mesmerizing “Sangeet of Rangeet” and reside in between green mountains.”

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