Resorts near Mumbai for Weekend Getaways

Are you looking for resorts near Mumbai for the perfect weekend getaway? Do you need a break from city life just like most of the Mumbaikars? Read our experience at one of the best resorts near Mumbai and plan your next weekend away from hustle and bustle of the city.

Living in the business capital of India is really tough; the city is always pacing ahead of us and we always struggle to catch up with it. More often, we are looking for a weekend getaway to relax and spend some quality time with the family. Most of the time, we find it inconvenient to travel to Lonavla, Alibaug or Mahabaleshwar. Why?  Because most of us are looking to relax over the weekend and not spend 4-5 hour driving each way. We just need a place to relax, a pad to recharge ourselves i.e. a perfect resort near Mumbai.

Why we love resorts near Mumbai?

Mumbai is getting hot by the day this summer. Last weekend, we were looking for a short break from the city, kind of a short beach holiday. However, we were short of time and therefore, searched for resort near Mumbai, i.e. within city limits. We ended up booking an independent romantic poolside cottage at Pali Beach Resort. Our experience at the resort was really awesome, that we could not stop ourselves from writing this post on resorts near Mumbai and share our experience at Pali beach resort.

Perfect Beach Resort Near Mumbai

Perfect Beach Resort Near Mumbai

The best thing about this resort is their location. It is located near Uttan Virgin beach (Approx. 4km) and Our Lady Of Lourdes church (Approx. 1km). The property is secluded and located away from the disturbances of city. It offers a perfect break from life of a metro. In our opinion, the location itself makes Pali Beach Resort as one of the best resorts near Mumbai. Spread over 7 acres with views of the Arabian Sea, Pali Beach Resort in Mumbai boasts a large outdoor pool with water slides and a separate children’s pool. They also have basketball and volleyball courts along with table tennis facility.

We spend the afternoon at the beach side and rest of the day at Poolside. We could spend time with each other and relished the much needed break. They offer Chinese and Indian Cuisine at their restaufrants and food the dishes upto our taste. If you are looking for pushing off to enjoy a picnic with kids, then they do offer packed picnic lunch for your outdoor trips. We preferred to stay indoors and enjoyed the comfortable option of in-room dining.

If you are going with family, your children may remain busy and enjoy in an exclusive area designed for them which has variety of games, reading material and tree house.

Resorts near Mumbai – Room tips

They have a lot of options for stays ranging from standard room to family cottage. We stayed in independent cottage facing the swimming pool. It’s a perfect choice for a romantic stay.  We found it living up to our expectations.  If you are going with the family, we would recommend you to stay in Family cottage, which is near the slides and pools area, which will be fun for kids.

We did not find the resort overpriced compared to the services offered by them. We would recommend this place as a median budget option to our readers. In our opinion, this resort is indeed one of the best beach resort near Mumbai.

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