Hotels in Fort – Royal stays in Rajasthan road trip

One more item off the Bucket List! I recently concluded most craved – “Rajasthan road trip” in December 2016. In the month long Road Trip in my Red Polo, I explored the heritage of Rajasthan and enjoyed royal stays in hotels in fort and palaces. I will be sharing the road trip itinerary and planning guide soon in another post, as this post is to reveal one of the best kept secrets of Rajasthan. Just look at the picture below and add this place in your bucket list now!

Bhainsrorgarh, Hotels in Fort

Whoa! where is this place?

Bhainsrorgarh – Heritage and History

Bhainsrorgarh  fort was built in 1741 when it was granted as a jagir to Rawat Lal Singh by the Maharana of Udaipur. The fort is now turned to a boutique and heritage hotels in fort. It is run by the descendants of the erstwhile royal family, who ruled over Bhainsrorgarh Thikana. Kunwar Rajveer Singh and Kunwar Hemendra Singh are the descendents of Royal Chundawat clan and reside in adjoining private part of the fort. They personally meet their guests and chat with them. I specially thank Kunwar Hemendra Singh for telling me stories of Chundawat clan and history of Maharanas. In my opinion, the hospitality of the Kunwars make this palace as one of the best hotels in fort.

Palace hotels in fort at Bhainsrorgarh

Heritage Fort Hotel, Bhainsrorgarh

This fort is one of the few remaining unexploited areas of Rajasthan. It is located 235 kms northeast of Udaipur and 50kms south of Kota. Located at the confluence of Chambal and Brahmani rivers at a height of 200 feet this picturesque fort will take your breath away at first glimpse.

Bardoli Temples at Bhainsrorgarh, Hotels in Fort

Bardoli Temples at Bhainsrorgarh Fort Hotel

Adding offbeat destinations to Rajasthan trip is easy

I love exploring offbeat destinations as they have their own charm and tranquility and Bhainsrorgarh tops the list of offbeat places to visit in Rajasthan. When I found about Bhainsrorgarh while planning my trip, I was like – “two rivers merging below a hill and on top of the hill, there is a fort hotel”. Bhainsrorgarh was a comfortable addition to my Rajasthan itinerary. I started from Udaipur in the morning, explored Chittaurgarh fort enroute and reached Bhainsrorgarh by evening. I stayed two nights in the Fort Hotel and proceeded to Bundi. You can find all the details on the official website of the Fort Hotel.

Lobby at Bhainsrorgarh, Best hotels in fort

Lobby at Bhainsrorgarh fort hotel

Experience at one of the best hotels in fort

Bhainsrorgarh fort converted hotel has been rated as the Best Heritage Hotel in India by Tatler Travel Guide, UK. (2008, 2009 ). The fort was restored and converted into the luxury hotel as recently as 2006 and is well equipped with all modern amenities. This fort is a perfect fusion of Rajasthan’s village and luxurious fort. It comprises of five suites with balconies having spectacular views of river, hills and green meadows. Windows with colored glass, shady verandahs to sit on, paintings of the royal family, typical Rajasthan stone floors, antique furniture, the untouched old look, the novelty of architecture and décor recreates almost the same aura in which royalties of Bhainsrorgarh lived. The fort shines like gold in the setting sunlight.

Rooftop Restaurant for Breakfast and Dinner at Bhainsrorgarh hotels in fort

Rooftop Restaurant for Breakfast and Dinner


Royalty and responsibility goes hand in hand

Management at Bhainsrorgarh Fort believes in responsible tourism. They grow their own vegetables which are organic. The cosmetics and toiletries offered in the bathrooms are handmade from natural eco-friendly extracts. The staff consists of warm-hearted locals from the surrounding village. I personally noted that the staff excels disappearing when you don’t need them and appearing swiftly on one soft call. Well, they surely know how to give personal space to guests and that too better than the hotel management graduates in other hotels in fort and palaces of Rajasthan.

Suite rooms at hotels in fort Bhainsrorgarh

Suite rooms at Bhainsrorgarh Fort Hotel

Roof top restaurant with breathtaking views

The hotel serves appetizing gourmet meals with specialty in Mewari cuisine on the rooftop of the Fort. The candle light dinner under the jharokha on the rooftop of 1741 built fort having spectacular view of Chambal River was something incredibly romantic and difficult to describe in words. This was a meal to be remembered for lifetime for me. The breathtaking views of the roof top restaurant make this place stand apart as best hotels in Fort and palaces in Rajasthan.

Breathtaking Views from Bhainsrorgarh Suite or Rooftop of hotels in fort

Breathtaking Views from Bhainsrorgarh Suite or Rooftop

Boating in Chambal and spotting crocodiles

Bhainsrorgarh appears to be a kingdom of heaven. Enjoy amusing activities that connects you to nature here. Go for leisurely boat ride on Chambal River in morning and you might see crocodile basking in the morning sun. Sighting atypical birds is common while you are in the river. The clear reflection of hillock, fort surrounding meadows and hills in the river kindled the artist in me.In the afternoon you can row for a picnic lunch to the river island. Hike to 9th century Badoli temple and garden whose architecture is magnetizing. If you don’t want to hike, opt for 10 minutes drive from the fort to Badoli temple. I would suggest that you ask the staff to arrange sunset safari for you.

Boating in Chambal River at Bhainsrorgarh, Best hotels in fort

Boating in Chambal River at Bhainsrorgarh fort hotel

Important notes for planning trip to Bhainsrorgarh

The only shortcoming of this fort is the single lane road coming to fort which is quite bumpy. The road coming from kota is much better than the road coming from Chittorgarh. I drove from Chittorgarh to Bhainsrorgarh and the last 50kms drive after highway is somewhat uncomfortable. But the experience of this majestic stay propels you to take all the bumpy roads. Bhainsrorgarh Fort Hotel will tempt you to come back owing to its beautiful surrounding, history and indelible experience. At the end, you feel stay at Bhainsrorgarh is many times worth the bumpy ride of 50Kms.

You may find relevant tariff and reservation details at the official webpage. I hope you liked my review about Bhainsrorgarh as an offbeat destination in Rajasthan. Did this post inspired you to add this fort in your Rajasthan road trip?  I will be publishing a few other posts soon on my Rajasthan road trip. Till then! Happy Travels!

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