Healthy child makes happy home – Really?

Does healthy child makes happy home ? Yes, of course. This is an obvious answer, as we all want our children to be healthy and of course, happy. Not only our children at home, we wish that everyone in our family from grandparents to children are in good health. So, what’s the key to a good health?

Happy Kids of Sikkim

Happy Kids of Sikkim

Immunity is the key to good health

Our ability to fight common diseases, that is, Immunity is our Defence force and keeps us in good shape.

As a child, I grew up in a traditional joint Indian family in Delhi. I was a healthy child and indeed, we had an happy home too. But, what kept me healthy and happy? We did nothing unusual to boost our Immunity as far as I remember.

Being a middle class family, our meals were similar to most of the Indian families. Our days started with same old Daliya in the morning and ended with glass of  milk with spoonful Dabur chyawanprash before sleeping.

We never had many cases of common cold, cough etc. in the family. These kind of diseases are communicable and if one single person in the family gets infected, the other family members become prone to them. Generally, Children and older people have bit less of immunity than others. Therefore, they are the weak links for this diseases in the family. Also, children go and play in school, parks and some unhygienic areas too. In my opinion, if children do have stronger immunity then, they are not going to be weak links for diseases and therefore, lead to a happy family.

Healthy Childhood meant More School

Healthy children who are not good actors need to attend more classes at school, because they don’t fall ill much. The healthy ones end up convincing their parents of their fake illness to take the odd day off. In any case, a healthy child attends more school than sick ones and therefore, end up scoring more marks in school. With more nutrition and better immunity, healthy child end up being intelligent as well as smart. Hence, healthy children end up making their families proud about them.

Healthy Kids Are More Active

It is really difficult for healthy kids to sit at home. They drag their family to Game Zones, holidays, picnics, summer camps, dance classes and so many other activities. All of these activities charge up the entire family and make a really happy home. As a child, My parents used to take me for Jungle Safari, River side picnics and trekking during my holidays. I really loved it and that’s how the “Traveler” in me was groomed. Here’s a pic of Ansh, my sister’s son who is really active too. This picture is nostalgic for me, as he resembles my childhood so much.

 Healthy Child Happy Home

The end note is keep yourself and your kids healthy and happy. How? Go the traditional way – Start the day with Daliya in the morning and end with glass of  milk with spoonful Dabur chyawanprash before sleeping.

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