Sell Old Stuff Online While Travelling with Quikr Nxt

Sell Old Stuff Online

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Why Travellers have old stuff in the first place ?

And, why they need to sell old stuff online ?

Even if they have something to sell, why would they want to sell that during their travels?

If these questions are troubling your mind after reading the title, then you must read this post to surprise yourself.

Why we had old stuff as Travellers ?

As travellers, we often christen ourselves as Nomads, Wanderers, Vagabonds, Gypsies and so many names. And I must admit that we don’t call us all these names for nothing, but “Travelling is actually a way of our life”.

We have been travelling since last ten years. We used to buy a lot of souvenirs, collectibles, and some famous stuff from the places being visited. When back in India, we adorned our home with those carpets, chandeliers, paintings, souvenirs and showpieces. Since we travelled a lot, soon there were no more spaces left in the home for those items. Consequently, the newer items were placed in the drawing room and the older items found their way to store room.


Why we needed to sell old stuff online ?

In addition to piling old stuff in store rooms, we required to sell few other things as well. We do not find it ethical (according to nomadic ethics) to stay in a city for more than two years (we want to spend lesser time, but that’s the least we can manage as of now). Therefore, its a biennial routine for us to sell our used items in one city and buy those items in other. We try to shift a lot of things through packaging services. But some things just needs to be sold!

We used to sell the items to few interested neighbours or junk dealers. However, things changed with arrival of online classified markets in India in 2008. Quikr emerged as a pioneering platform since the beginning and established as number one platform for online classifieds in India.

Why we liked Online Classified Platforms ?

Though online classified platforms were not launched for travellers, it was a blessings for vagabonds in India. We were looking for more funds for our travels and the old stuff in the store were getting older. We added the negative with a negative and ended up with a positive cash flow for our travels. We placed classifieds for our old items on Quikr and were surprised with the response of people from our local place itself.

Overall, online classified platforms were a real help for us in the last six years. Though, we loved the funding through classified platforms for our travels, we did not like the way they wanted us to operate. Actually, these platforms were not designed for travellers and we were only incidental beneficiaries. Hence, we were unable to reap full benefits from these classified platforms.

Why We disliked Online Classified Platforms ?

One line answer is

We do not carry phone during our travels.

No, we are not technologically challenged. We have high tech Tabs/ Phones with us, but we do not use them to receive or make calls. While travelling, we are mostly online through data plans and Wifi. We use these gizmos to find our lost way through GPS. We are constantly adding to internet travel Encyclopedias through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and our blog. With the sky rocketing international tariffs, we do not even think of making international phone calls to India. And, why should we? when we can always use Skype, We Chat and What’s App to keep in touch back home.

In a nutshell, Travellers cannot make or receive a phone call during trips.


Why we couldn’t sell old stuff online while travelling ?

The online classified sites in India required buyers and sellers to connect over phone calls. As, we were unable to receive phone calls during travels, we could not sell stuff online while travelling. We have to cancel our buy/sell ads on these sites before beginning our travels. We used to avail benefits of online classified platforms only while not travelling.

A solution to sell old stuff online on move!

Now, there’s a solution to our problem. Quikr has launched their new service called Quikr Nxt. This service allows the prospective buyers and sellers to connect through web chat rather than phone call. That means, travellers can now sell old stuff online without a phone.

Special benefits for Travellers like us

In addition to listed benefits on site like keeping number private, chatting at convenient time, keeping record of chatting and sharing pictures, this service offers these additional benefits to Indian Travellers like us:-

1. No need to carry Indian SIM on international trip to receive a call.

2. Can post ads and sell old stuff online while travelling.

3. No disturbance on phone during a domestic trip.

4. No need to think before heading to place which has no network coverage. For example a camping ground near Gurudongmar or Jaisalmer.

5. No need to keep the same phone number while shifting to new cities.

End note

Did Quikr actually planned this service for benefit of travellers looking to sell old stuff online?

Are  we still incidental beneficiaries? Maybe, but we are happy about it.

Travellers need not call, just Text

And sell old stuff online at Quikr Nxt

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