Five Things on my Bucket List


If I had no worries in life, then these are the top 5 things in my Bucket List:-

1. Go for Around The World Tour

This is a dream for most of the travellers in the world. I wish to travel around the world in 180 days. I would like to start from India and travel eastwards. I would love to have my first stop at Bangkok. Then I will move to Australia, followed by United States. I will go south to Mexico and then move to Brazil. From Brazil, I would fly to South Africa and then to Maldives. Finally, I will come back to India. I want to set a time limit of year 2020 to achieve this wish.

2. La Tomatina at Barcelona

We were at Barcelona in September 2014 for La Merce and it was fabulous. People of Barcelona love festivals and that’s why there are so many of them in Spain. La Tomatina is one of the most famous festivals of Spain. I wish to be there by 2017 (deadline) and celebrate the festival of tomatoes. By the way, we had Spanish tomatoes in our last trip. They are red, juicy and look wonderful. I am waiting to crush them on face of Rex at La Tomatina in Barcelona.


3. Visit New Zealand – South Islands

Switzerland was on top of my travel bucket list till last year and thankfully, we completed it in October 2014. New Zealand is on top of my bucket list of travel now. I really love south islands and can’t wait to get this place out of my Bucket List. I love natural scenic places for travel and New Zealand offers best of them. I would like to try Bungee Jumping at this place.  I am targeting to cover New Zealand in mid 2016 and have already started planning for it.

4. Live as an Expat

I love travelling and experience new places. In my opinion, culture and cuisine of a place are equally important as the main attractions. Therefore, we try to live with locals and experience local dishes during our travels. But, living as an expat at a new place is the next level thing. I wish to settle down for two years in Vietnam or similar place in south east Asia. I want to earn my bread there doing photography and teaching. This is really a dream. I wish to live at a new place with no worries at all. I don’t know when I would be able to get this thing ticked out of my bucket list. I just wish that it happens one day.


5. Make Travel Jots – Best Travel Blog of India

Since both travelling and writing are my passions, the last point in this Bucket List is about this blog. I wish to make Travel Jots as the best travel blog of India. I am really working hard on this blog. With the amount of competition in travel blogging in India, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be the best. However, I am determined to achieve this. I have set a target of June 2016 to complete this wish.

 Did you like my Bucket List? Let me know your opinions through comments.

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