Best Restaurants in Mumbai for couples & travellers

Best Restaurants in Mumbai, View from Aer

Best Restaurants in Mumbai

Being the financial, business and entertainment capital of India, Mumbai has the best hotels and restaurants of the country. The Taj Mahal Palace hotel, which was opened in the year 1903 still remains the star attraction of Bombay. Mumbai offers the best dining options in the country for tourists, lovers or businessperson. Here is the list of four best restaurants in Mumbai which are brimming with luxury, hospitality, class and awe.


Ziya – The Oberoi

Lobby of the oberoi, best restaurants in mumbai

Lobby of The Oberoi

If the magnificent view of the golden necklace aka Marine Drive won’t impress you, the golden plates would surely do.

Ziya - The Oberoi, Mumbai

Ziya – The Oberoi, Mumbai

If you are looking for a romantic dinner or peaceful time on a dinner date with your partner, you should look no further than Ziya at the Oberoi, Mumbai. Once you step into Ziya, you will not fail to notice the extra care and hospitality shown by the staff. Also, you will like the calmness of the restaurant. This restaurant is more silent compared to the other three listed here. The peace of this restaurant makes it as best choice for a romantic date.

Ziya, The Best Restaurants in Mumbai

Ziya, The Best Restaurants in Mumbai

As you settle in your chairs, you will be impressed with the golden plates and the gold plated crockery. However, its not the ambiance, peace or hospitality, which is the most impressing thing about Ziya. It is the creativity of the chef, Vineet Bhatia which makes Ziya as one of the top restaurants in Mumbai. Even before you order anything, you will gauge the thoughtfulness of the chef with the sauces served on the table. I recommend you to start with Danzante and their signature starter called Ziya Platter. Expect a check of around 4000-6000 INR for two of you.

MasalaKraft – The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

One of the best restaurants in Mumbai is The Taj Mahal Palce Hotel, Mumbai

Reception of The Taj Mahal Palce Hotel, Mumbai

I must confess that the views from the second floor of Eiffel Tower are more spectacular than the top floor. Still, the glass of champagne at the top floor of Eiffel Tower was the high point of my Paris visit. Why? Because it’s history. Its like walking back into an era. Its like tasting something, which has been proclaimed as “the best” for more than 100 years. On a similar note, a visit to the Taj is second to none in Mumbai. The grandeur of “The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel” alone makes its restaurant, Masala Kraft on top of the list of best restaurants in Mumbai.  Expect a check of around 4000-6000 INR for two of you.

the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai is one of the best restaurants of Mumbai

Lobby of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai


Aer, Four Seasons Hotel

The Best restaurants in Mumbai is Aer, Four Seasons Hotel

Aer, Four Seasons Hotel

If you are looking for a roof top dinner, you can’t get higher than this in India. Located on the 34th floor of Four Season Hotel, Aer bar and lounge is the tallest rooftop restaurant of the country. You should visit this place around sunset to enjoy the magnificent views of Mumbai.

Views from the best restaurants in Mumbai

Views from Aer, Four Seasons Hotel

The cocktails and starters are really nice. Try to reach early around sunset, as this place gets really crowded after 9 pm. I had to wait around one hour to grab a nice couch overlooking the best views. Being a bar and lounge, you might miss the peace here. However, the music and ambiance makes up for anything you are missing.

Aer has best views among best restaurants in mumbai

Aer, it is indeed Air

You might feel that you have been transported to Shanghai. Expect a check of around 4000-6000 INR for two of you.

Dome, Intercontinental

The magnificent views from the best restaurants in mumbai

Relax in Awesomeness

If you thought that views are great only at “Aer”, then you are mistaken. The Golden Necklace of Mumbai, Marine Drive is not known as the signature view of Mumbai for nothing. Dome at the Intercontinental hotel offers the best views of Marine Drive. Dome is rated as one of the best restaurants in Mumbai as well as best rooftop restaurants in India.

Views of Marine Drive from best restaurants in mumbai

Dome, Intercontinental

The hospitality of the staff is commendable. The ambiance of the place is welcoming. They have candle light on the table, which adds to the romantic charm of the place. Also, you may choose to relax on comfortable bed-cum-sofas on pool side. Expect a check of around 4000-6000 INR for two of you.

Bar and Lounge of the best restaurants in mumbai

Dome, Bar and Lounge, Intercontinental

More on Best Restaurants in Mumbai

We recommend you to visit these restaurants and lounge bars while you are in Mumbai. If you want an order for our recommendations, here it is for the best restaurants in Mumbai :-

If you are going to visit only one, Visit the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Period.

If you want to experience the best food on a romantic dinner date, visit Ziya for creative and mind blowing meals from the chef, Vineet Bhatia.

If you are looking for a shortcut trip to Shanghai or drinks with friends, have fun at Aer and enjoy its awesome views and air.

If you are going for romantic date or candle light dinner, go to Dome with your love and cherish Marine Drive.

I know there are many other best restaurants in Mumbai, that I have kept off the list. I wanted to keep this list short and stick to the best. However, you may add your suggestions, experiences and views through your valuable comments. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this article on best restaurants in Mumbai and feeling hungry now.

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