Beware of The Great Indian Litterbug

Being a proud Indian, I really feel that India is a great country for travelling. Travellers over the world with varied interests like culture, religion, spiritual, history, deserts, beaches, islands, mountains, forests and many others find this country as the most gifted travel destination in the world. India should be a top destination in the world for travel but we are not, all thanks to the Great Indian Litterbug.

Rightly said - great indian litterbug

photo credit: strudelt via photopin cc

If you are planning to travel to India, people might have warned you against the great Indian litterbug. If you have travelled to India, you must have seen them all around. This post is written to warn you of “The Great Indian Litterbug”, but at the same time, we must tell you that India is indeed a lovely country and you must not be scared to travel to India just because of this bug. At the end of the post you will discover that “The Great Indian Litterbug” is destined to be extinct.


Wall Art Great Indian Litterbug

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Great Indian Litterbug Spoils the Architecture

India has lovely architectural monuments from “The Taj Mahal” of Mughals to “Gateway of India” made by Britain. But, you will find that the litterbug would have not cared much about them and used them to express his one sided love.

Shed or Dustbin - Litterbug

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Travel Advice – How to Escape from Litterbug

The Great Indian Litterbug considers entire country as dustbin, he can throw anything around anywhere without warning. Here are a few warnings for you if you are travelling to India.


  • Do not stand near balconies, the litterbug can spit on you. Yes, you read it right.
  • Do not walk on roads as the litterbug can spit or throw garbage at you from a travelling car or bus. Also, his aim is better than a sharp shooter.
  • Do not go close to a wall if this is written there ” Yahan Peshaab Karna Mana He”.

Swachh Bharat Campaign – Clean India Initiative

Unused Dustbin

photo credit: Paul Keller via photopin cc

This is a picture of “most unused” item in India called “The Dust Bin”. This symbolises that we, Indian are still not caught fully by this Great Indian Litterbug. We have decided to fight against it and reclaim our cleanliness. The Prime Minister of the country is leading the nation towards a clean India through Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and making “Great Indian Litterbug”, a thing of past. I am pretty sure we will achieve our aim by 2019 and India will be Most Popular Tourist Destination. Amen.

End Note – Let us create facilities

As an end note, I must urge the authorities to create enough garbage bins and toilets, so that more Indians are not caught with this litterbug.

Public toliet are bad, where does the great litterbug goes

photo credit: Chef Cooke via photopin cc

If the state of toilet is so bad

And, someone needs to attend nature’s call

Either, he can wet his pants

or be caught by “Litterbug” and relieve on Wall

This post has been written for “The Great Indian Litterbug” campaign at Indiblogger.

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