Healthy breakfast for travelers – Anytime Anywhere

Breakfast is an important meal for all of us. A filling and healthy breakfast ensures perfect start to the day. It gives you all the energy you need to get on with the day’s work. If you love travelling, you must have a healthy breakfast before you start exploring places during the day.

If you are travelling on a budget in developed countries, it is difficult to pay for all three meals. Few of us try to skip on the breakfast during these travels. Most of the hotels provide breakfast included with the stay and therefore, a lot of people have heavy breakfast and early dinner while skipping the lunch.

If you are staying in a hostel or homestays (Airbnb), you might feel reluctant to cook breakfast during your holiday. Some of us just have a coffee with bread at the hostel and leave for the day. But this is not good for our health as well as our holiday. It’s better to shop for some milk and corn flakes packets at the supermarket near to your hostel. Normally, hostels and overstays provide refrigerators and you can keep your stuff cool. Corn flakes are healthy breakfast and easy to cook. Just add cold or hot milk to the corn flakes and it’s ready.

Photo Credit : Wikipedia

Photo Credit : Wikipedia

Moreover, if you use cold milk for these recipes, you don’t need any heating arrangement to cook your breakfast. You can make these recipes quickly and easily on your dining table itself. I like to have cornflakes with yoghurt and honey for my breakfast during my travels. Moreover, the packages corn flakes are cheap compared to bread and sandwiches at the supermarket. Do you like crunchy and delicious breakfast of corn flakes like me? What are your favorite breakfast recipes which are quick and healthy? Please share your secret recipes of easy breakfast here with my readers. I look forward to hear your views through comments.

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