Montmartre Paris – Guide to a short visit


Sacre Coeur, Montmartre Paris at Twilight

Stunning Views at Montmartre Paris

Montmarte is a beautiful area in Paris. A lot of tourists prefer to stay at Montmartre. Therefore, one evening is recommended here. Here is a guide to visit Montmartre. There are four metro stations in this area. These are Anvers, Pigalle, Blanche and Abesses.

Sacre Coeur at Monmartre Paris

Guide to Monmartre Paris

You should reach your chosen Metro station at least an hour before sunset. So, you can enjoy the beauty of Montmartre Paris in sunlight as well as moonlight. This area has a lot of Souvenir shops with competitive rates. You should reach here by noon if you wish to do shopping.


Guide Map to Montmartre Paris

Guide Map to Montmartre Paris

Guide Map to Montmartre Paris

Here is a small guide map to Montmartre Paris. The major attractions and metro stations are marked in red. The street with bars and restaurants is marked yellow. The street marked blue is a red light district. Readers are advised to visit this street with caution.

The Wall of Love at Montmartre Paris

Wall of Love at Montmartre Paris

Wall of Love – Photo credit : Yelp

You should start your trip from the Abesses station at Montmartre Paris. First visit the Le mur des je t’aime (park). The park gets closed by 1830 hrs. Therefore timing is important. The park has a magnificent “Wall of Love”. I Love you is written on this wall in many languages.

Basilica of Sacre Coeur, Montmartre Paris

Facade of sacré coeur, Montmartre Paris

Facade of sacré coeur

You should visit Sacre Coeur after visit to the wall of love. Our friends warned us about aggressive hawkers at Montmartre Paris. These hawkers put bracelets on the wrists of females. Then they sell these items at heavy price. However, we did not  encounter any such vendors. We had a peaceful walk of 234 steps. Please note that there are no entry fees for this attraction. The inside of the Basilica merits a visit. It has beautiful architecture and peaceful ambiance.

Wonderful Views of Paris for Free

Paris by Night at Sacre Coeur

Paris by Night at Sacre Coeur

We paid for the views of city at the Eiffel Tower. But we enjoyed them free at Sacre Coeur. You can spend countless time at the steps. And, admire the sheer beauty of Paris. We enjoyed the views in twilight as well as moonlight. We found it really mesmerizing.


Propose your love at Sacré Coeur

Proposal at Sacre Coeur, Montmartre Paris

Proposal at Sacre Coeur, Montmartre Paris

Sacre Coeur is an eternal romantic hot spot of Paris. It is famous for love proposals and its romantic aura. You should visit Montmartre Paris with your love. This is a perfect place for popping the question. The night views of the illuminated city are charming. The romantic ambiance would convince your partner of your love.

Moulin Rouge, Montmartre Paris

Moulin Rouge at Montmartre Paris

Moulin Rouge at Montmartre Paris

Moulin Rouge needs no introduction. However, it is an expensive indulge for the visitors at Montmartre Paris. If you are planning for the show, book your tickets in advance . The carbaret house is at walking distance from Sacre Coeur.

Dining at Montmartre Paris

Dining in Montmartre Paris

Dining in Montmartre Paris

There are lot of popular bars and restaurants in Montmartre Paris. You may pick your choice for drinks and dinner. You can have a short walk in the area post dinner. Thereafter you may depart from any convenient metro station. If you are looking for a titillating walk, you can stroll from Moulin Rouge to Pigalle. Then, you may depart from Pigalle Metro station. But, you are advised to be careful in the area. Howsoever cheap is the offer, you should not visit any of the shows. We have heard of many scams in this place.

This was all we did on our visit to Montmartre Paris. We hope you liked it. Have you visited Montmartre Paris lately ? Let us know your experience of Montmartre Paris. Did you find this article on helpful? Let us know your views. Post us your questions on Montmartre Paris. We hope you liked this guide on Montmartre Paris. Looking forward for your comments. We hope you visit Montmartre Paris soon.

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    I really liked the Montmartre Itinerary and would be using it for my next trip.

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    Guess what! Me and my boyfriend spent Valentine’s Day in Paris and we also visited the Montmartre. Absolutely fascinating place, we loved there!

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  1. November 17, 2014

    […] Sacré-Cœur Basilica is located in Montmartre, Paris. I visited this place in September 2014. There are no entrance fees to visit this catholic church. Also, there are no huge lines. The location of the basilica is wonderful and it provides amazing views of Paris. Like the other catholic churches listed here, this is also beautiful from inside. The exterior architecture is magnificent too. The locality of the church i.e. Montmartre is a lovely area is Paris. Travel Jots have a written a short guide to visit Montmartre, Paris. I am sure you would find it a good read. […]