Barcelona to Geneva in €50 – Cheap & Best without Flight

You will find cheap flights easily in 50 Euros from Barcelona to Geneva through various booking websites. However, there are various time and costs added with these airfares which seem cheap at beginning but cost higher later. Some of the thing to consider are:-

  1. Baggage charges 25 – 35 Euros per baggage.
  2. Travel cost from city center to airport approx 10 Euros each way.
  3. Timings of these low cost airlines are either early morning or late night and that adds to discomfort and extra costs of Taxi from Airport to/ from city center.
  4. Long check-in  time generally associated with Flights.
  5. Admin charges of booking websites.


But, there is a way to travel from Barcelona to Geneva in the same price as that of low cost airlines i.e. €50 without the above mentioned hassles. Here, are my travel notes for making this connection in just 10 hours 30 minutes (with no night travel) from city center to city center.

Step 1 : Take a bus from Barcelona Sants to Montpellier Bus Stop


Time : 6 hrs

Cost23 Euros per person

Step 2 : Travel from  to Sabines Bus stop to Montpellier St Roch Train station.


Your Bus from Barcelona will drop you at Sabines tram station. The Montpellier St Roch train station is located at a distance of 4 Km from the bus stop and you need to take a tram (Line 2) form Sabines tram stop to Gare Saint Roch (Train station). This line is indicated by orange line on map.


Time : 12 – 13 minutes

Cost : 1.4 Euros per person – one way


Step 3 : Take TGV Lyria train from Montpellier st roch station to Geneva Cornavin from SNCF-Voyage website.



Time: 3 hr 48 min

Cost25 Euros per person

Summary of the connection from Barcelona to Geneva

Total Time             10 hrs 30 minutes

Total Cost                €50

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You need to plan well to get these low prices. However, if you are making this connection in €60 – €80, you will still save money.

Are you looking for similar cheap connection from Barcelona to Paris, then check this post and do it in reverse order. Are you planning to use Eurolines Buses fro most of you Europe Travel, then read our tricks for maximum benefit at Eurolines Pass Review.


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4 Responses

  1. This is really awesome … i always wonder planning a euro trip in budget would be tough if its your first visit , do you have any itinerary post published for the entire euro trip ??

    • Pooja says:

      Thanks for your wonderful feedback. We have not yet published the itinerary for the entire euro trip. We will let you know wehn we publish one. For time being, you may check out Montmartre Guide.

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