Three days trip short trip to Ooty

Perched amongst the sprawling Nilgiri hills and garnished with the mystic cold, Ooty has always been attracting tourists right from the British times. This nature’s abode has carefully picked up the modern manmade elements still preserving its natural charms. It reinstates spirit of life amongst the exhausted city dwellers like us.

Now, you have to be lucky to get three whole days in Ooty. Most tourists club Ooty with the neighbouring hill stations like Conoor and Kodaikanal. Tied by the itinerary they are always on the run missing out on the pure connections with the place. While this might give you more check in posts on facebook but leave you with very few real memories. So, we suggest to give your undivided attention to Ooty as it spellbinds you with its surreal Eucalyptus forests and panoramic valley views. It is perfect for those who enjoy hopping from one spot to another exploring all depths of the place and also those who like to just ease out in the vibe that place has to offer relaxing in one place. There are several Hotels in Ooty that would be your perfect host through the stay and get you a perfect detoxifying vacation.


Located at the western border of Tamil Nadu, it is easily accessible from Bangalore(306KM) and Coimbatore(86KM) by road. The road from Bangalore runs through the forests of Bandipur and Madhumalai slowly getting you addicted to the charms of the Bluish mists that embellishes the Niligiri hills. The drive from Coimbatore is relatively much shorter but with thrilling turns and bends with several animal crossings.


As you reach your hotel in Ooty, after an ecstatic drive through the nature, take that day slow and get glimpses of everything that it has to offer. You can start your day with the Government Botanical Garden tour and watch different renditions of the greens; later followed by the rose garden. The town still reminisces in the British colonial charms. Visit the Fernhill Palace that was once the summer residence of Maharaja of Mysore teleports you the bygone colonial era. Continuing your Ooty odyssey you can now move to the pristine lakes. You could skip the crowded Ooty lake and head to offbeat spots like Pykara Lake and waterfalls, Avalanche Lake, Emerald lake, Upper Bhavani Lake and Kamaraj Sagar Lake. After you watch the sun set over the rolling blue mountains, just go for unplanned walks, move around in the markets, relish on the street food and make those lasting first impressions. The Charring Cross market, Tibetan market, Upper and Lower Bazaar road set in motion by evening and are perfect your souvenir hunt. The markets close by 7.00 pm so plan your visit accordingly.


Start this day with sunrise at the Doddabetta peak. As the sky turns shades from blues to orange and yellows giving way to the sun’s first rays, the Eucalyptus trees get washed in the warmth looking like flamed forest. The astounding panoramic views are too pretty to be captured in just camera lenses; so, freeze them in your minds as well. One can spend hours here, simply adoring nature’s masterpieces. With this stunning start, get binging on the traditional South-Indian delicacies. Later as the day progresses you can indulge yourself into tea extravaganza. At the Doddabetta Tea factory, you would discover the different stories that come hidden with the tiny tea leaves that impart colour and flavour to your tea. The tea factory shows the visitors all the elaborate processing that goes to get you the perfect cup of aromatic tea along with a picturesque walk through the estate. In this enchanting tea estate there is a Tea museum that takes you through the evolution of tea from just an Asian herb to being passion for many. It also has a souvenir store that has delicate tea cups and dishes along with teas and spices. In the evening you can again explore the leftover parts of the market and may be buy some more of those Ooty’s famous homemade chocolates.


This day gather all your adventure genes and dive right into the nature’s arms. The safari through the Madhumalai National Park is all you need for an exhilarating nature encounter. Here, watch the changing green hues as you spot elephants, deer, gaur, Bengal tiger, hyenas, jackals, bonnet macaqe and leopards. It is a bird watcher’s paradise too. One can choose from van safari and Elephant safari. We suggest morning safaris as the chances of spotting animals are higher at this time. The van safari starts by 6.30 am and the Elephant safari by 7.00 am and lasts till 9.00 am. The Queen of hills, Ooty also has many endearing trails that share different vistas of from natural Eucalyptus groves to manmade tea gardens. The popular treks are Glenmorgan trek, Ebbanad trek, Parson’s trek, Ooty Scottish trail, etc. These trails allow you to know Ooty like never before enchanting the traveller in you and are mostly range from east to moderate grade of difficulty.

Well, you could always extend your trip to just relax on the fourth day. Simply get those pyjamas on, steal the balcony seat of your hotel in Ooty and stare at the alluring Nilgiri hills, sipping the best tea. Or may be save it for the next time when you visit Ooty just to enjoy its company.

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