Things to keep in mind when managing funds for travel

Holidays in this age is a necessity for a modern-day man. We all look out for those exotic holidays and fancy getaways in today’s stressful lives, don’t we! These few days filled with solitude and bliss keeps us going through the circus of life. But nothing comes easy, right! These dreamy holidays take a huge toll on your pockets. Sure, they leave you with great memories to cherish for life time; but, they also leave you with a financial distress! And less is never more; when it comes to travel. Don’t worry everything has a cure. Not always we need heavy pockets to escape to a merry land. Trust me, it only takes two right steps towards financial planning, one by getting a life insurance, and second by managing your finances when travelling. Now, I know you would think travel is not something where you would expect to do analytics and planning. I have been on few vacations and trips and getaways and holidays; and each one thought me how to take care of my pocket. So, here are a few things that did the trick for me, coming right from my wise travelogues!

Have your Bucket List ready!

Everyone has a list of places I am sure, but what I mean is decide your destinations and travel dates much before. Last minute bookings are always unreasonably high. So, pick out the dates and get all your bookings in place before hand. These would help you save a lot especially on travel fares and hotel fares. Flight tickets are much cheaper if booked in advance. Also you could get the travel dates of your preference so you could checkout from the hotel at the right time.

Find out the Real Number

Splurging a bit is natural on holidays and I have done it too. But it shouldn’t be on the unnecessary thing, right! So before planning for a trip find out about the total expenditure and hidden expenses, if any. Once you find out the real number that you are going to require; you would know for sure how much extra time you might have to work, what extra savings you might have to bring in, etc. A rough estimate would only upset you later when you will have to compromise to build your dream vacation. So, just to be fair to yourself be aware and start saving!

Do your homework

This is one thing that we Indians don’t do habitually. We don’t research about the place we are visiting by ourselves. We rely on the tour operators solely, who may or may not be honest about the expenses. So, a little study on your side would keep you away from hoax expenses. Also when you do your research thoroughly, you find out what are important things that you really need to carry or buy. Do not spend on extra items or over pack. At the same time, do not over rely on the web sources and pack something unnecessary that you may not require at all.

Choose your time wisely 

Picking up a perfect travel time is very, very important. Some places have to be visited in specific season only, but if you could avoid the typical tourist season you don’t have to suffer from over pricing that happens just for tourists!

Find a Travel Companion

You see, I don’t believe in soul mates but I believe in travel mates! Sharing is caring and also very easy on your pockets. When you travel with a companion it’s always fun. You could share the resources and split-up the expenses. So, you could carry common items, split up taxi fares, save on meals, and have lots of fun! It’s like less efforts and more fruits.

Look out for offers and discounts

There is nothing wrong in doing so. You can save a fair amount of money doing so. Check and compare travel sites and the deals they provide you. Most times you could get a group discount as well or some incentive for early booking. Also, most of these sites give value points on regular bookings which will ultimately help you get extra discounts and offers.

Travel with term insurance

So, when you embark on a journey, we always expect to make good memories. However, when something unfortunate happens, it’s good to be prepared for it. That’s why, having a term insurance will help. With a term insurance, you can make sure your family’s future is secure in case you meet with an accident or some personal loss. Your travel memories are invaluable, make sure your loved ones’ finances don’t go for a toss after you.

Best of both worlds

If you could be amongst the few lucky ones who can merge work and travel, do it! You could find work that requires you to travel. I know it sounds like a dream but it can happen!

Quick Tips

  • You could save a great deal of money by going for a less fancy hotel. Anyways while travelling we spend more time outdoors.
  • Don’t fall prey to false tourist prices. Fight for a fair price each time.

So, signing off with a word of advice from a traveller; ‘Don’t let money come in the way of your dreams’ the world is waiting to share its glories to you! Plan wisely and travel more!

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