Fun Zone Club Mahindra Baiguney

Chess at Fun Zone club mahindra

Fun Zone Club Mahindra

While we stayed at Club Mahindra Baiguney at Sikkim recently, we had a chance to experience various services provided at Club Mahindra resorts. We were surprised to discover that Club Mahindra staff had been so thoughtful to provide a specially tailor-made fun zone for children.
These zones have various games like table tennis, badminton, Billiards, Chess, Carrom and other Board games. These zones are spacious enough for Kids to have fun around the place. Also, there are good number of staff provided by Club Mahindra at the Fun zone.


Staff of Fun Zone Club Mahindra

The staff has been placed at Fun Zone to play around with kids and give company to them for above mentioned games. If the parents wish to have a peaceful relaxing time together, they can simply leave their kids at Fun Zone. The staff would take care of them for hours and ensure that Kids have no complaints.

Table Tennis at Fun Zone Club Mahindra Baiguney

Table Tennis at Fun Zone

Activities at Fun Zone Club Mahindra

The resort management at Club Mahindra also organises various activities for Children as well as family. These activities are learning experience for the Kids. We enquired about these activities at Club Mahindra Baiguney and were told that activities like nature trails, Jungle walks, treks and camping were organised at their resort. These activities involved kids to find and name different flora and fauna. Imagine kids completing their Science holiday assignments while having fun at Club Mahindra.

Guitar at Fun Zone Club Mahindra

Guitar at Fun Zone

Hobbies at Fun Zone Club Mahindra

Various hobby classes are also held at Fun Zone Club Mahindra. We saw Painting classes being organised for Kids at Baiguney. All accessories for different paintings from oil to crayons were provided by the Club for Kids. In order to provide encouragement to Kids, the club staff has displayed the paintings of kids at the show cases at Fun Zone. Other hobby kits/ classes like clay modelling, craft classes, dance classes and aerobics were available for Kids at the resort.


Billiards Table at Fun Zone Club Mahindra

Billiards at Table Fun Zone

Overall, we found that club mahindra provides complete family holidays and add magic to the vacation of kids. We recently read these stories of kids at Teddy Travelogues and found our opinion were echoed by kids too

Happy Kids of Sikkim

Happy Kids of Sikkim

Have you been to Club Mahindra resorts recently and experienced their Fun Zone and activities. Tell us your views through your valuable comments about Fun Zone Club Mahindra.

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