3 Day Trip Plan for Paris – Trip Expert 2017

Awards are rare in blogosphere with no formal organisation rewarding such recognition. So, we bloggers have now taken it upon us to reward ourselves. I am happy to announce that I have been nominated by Simran from Tripscam for “Trip Expert 2017” award asking me to plan a 3 day trip to Paris. Here’s my trip plan for Trip Expert 2017 Awards.

Trip Expert Award Badge 2017

3 Day Trip to Paris

Day 1

As soon as you arrive in Paris, you will be itching to go to Eiffel Tower as this marvellous attraction has driven you all the way to city of love. So I would suggest you to head to the tower soon after breakfast. It would be better to take the Metro to the Bir-Hakeim station. Take a ticket to the top level and don’t’ forget to enjoy a glass of the Champagne if you are on a good budget.

Eiffel Tower on a 3 day trip to Paris

Eiffel Tower

After spending some time at the Eiffel Tower, you may have a quick lunch at the restaurants or street food near Metro station. Later take the metro to the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral.

After the tour of the church, you may have a evening coffee in the restaurants near the canal and walk down further near the canal to catch “Salsa Evening at River Seine”. Even if you don’t know Salsa, it will be good to watch the locals having good time.

Day 2

After breakfast, take the train to Versailles. Ticket is available from the metro station itself. There is on need to take any tour for the palace. You may take an audio guide if required.

Palace of Versailles on a 3 day trip to paris

Palace of Versailles

You may go back to your hotel for lunch and after a short nap, get ready to spend your evening at Montmartre. Here is my travel guide to Montmartre Paris. If you have the budget, go for the famous Moulin Rouge Show. Don’t forget to have a lovely dinner at one of the many restaurants at Montmartre.

Moulin Rouge at Montmartre Paris

Moulin Rouge at Montmartre Paris

Day 3

Today is the day to pay a visit to the Lady ‘Mona Lisa’. Take a metro to Louvre and spend a few hours at the museum. Around lunchtime, take a walk from the Louvre museum to the Arc De Triomphe.

Walk from Louvre to Champs-Élysées in Autumn - 3 day trip to Pairs

Walk from Louvre to Champs-Élysées in Autumn

There are many options for lunch or street food at Champs-Élysées. After sunset, take a metro back to Louvre to admire the beauty of the lighted-up pyramid. After spending a few hours, take a metro again to  Bir-Hakeim around 10 PM to catch a glimpse of Eiffel Tower in night. Please remember that lights of the tower glitters at every stroke of the hour. Spend some time in the garden and mesmerise over your entire trip to Pairs. Also, there is no ticket for visiting either Louvre or Eiffel Tower in night from outside, of course!

Louvre Museum at Night

3 Day Trip to Pairs

Here are my nominations for Trip Expert 2017 Awards

Here’s what you need to do

  • Read the Rules for Trip Expert 2017 Award 
  • Accept the nomination and write a post describing your plan for the trip.
  • Hope one of you win the first prize of Rs. 25K and I get to win Rs. 5000 “King Maker Award” for nominating you.


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