Eurolines Barcelona from France – Review

Eurolines Barcelona from France

Eurolines Barcelona from France

We were aboard Eurolines Coach service from Montpellier, France to Barcelona, Spain on September 19th, 2014. This six hour journey on the lovely scenic highway was a lovely experience for both of us. We really appreciate the hassle free services provides by Eurolines, France from online booking of tickets to the time we got dropped at Barcelona Sants station. This journey was a proof of concept for cheapest way to travel from Paris to Barcelona, an original idea of Travel Jots.


Booking the Coach Tickets

We booked our coach tickets conveniently through the website of Eurolines France. I must say, it was a cake-walk and within a few clicks, our tickets were emailed to us. The website has been offered in six different languages for the ease of the customers. Almost five to six bus services are run by Eurolines on this leg in a day. We choosed the 12:30 bus and paid a modest 22 Euros for 340 Km long journey.

Reaching the Eurolines Montpellier, Bus Stop

Eurolines Office and Bus stop are located near Sabines Metro station in Montpellier. you may read here for the directions to reach Bus stop from Train Station.

Eurolines Montpellier Office to take Eurlolines Barcelona Bus

Eurolines Montpellier Office

 Getting our Tickets for Eurolines Barcelona

We had absolutely no hassles at Eurolines Office for getting our tickets. The guy at reception was really nice and provided us all necessary Info. As soon as we flashed our emails to him, he provided us our boarding pass.

Eurolines Montpellier Office for Eurolines Barcelona Bus

Eurolines Montpellier Reception


Tickets and Boarding Pass for Eurolines Barcelona

Tickets and Boarding Pass

In and around Eurolines Office

These are the few important services near Eurolines Office. These services would be helpful to you in case you are catching bus from this office.

  • Near-By cafe for Free Water – We found the Pizzas here really delicious and adequately priced. Also, the water was free. Great for Back Packers
Nearby Cafe with yummy Pizzas

Nearby Cafe with yummy Pizzas

  • Coffee Vending Machine – You can have coffee in 60 cents in the Eurolines Office itself.
Coffee Vending Machine

Coffee Vending Machine

  • Free Toilet near Office – Though, you do not need one prior boarding Eurolines Buses, as they have toilets aboard their buses. Still, if you need one, we have found this for you.
Free Toilets near Bus Stop

Free Toilets near Bus Stop

Aboard Eurolines Bus

Our bus arrived at Dot time at the Bus stop adjacent to Eurolines Office. The bus operator helped us in placing our luggage and checked our tickets. The coach was trendy and comfortable. We found the services of Eurolines Buses quite unique and traveller-oriented. These are the ones to list a few.


  • Comfortable Coach with Inclined Seats and Air Conditioning
Inside Eurolines Bus

Inclined and Comfortable seats of Eurolines

  • Onboard Entertainment System and wide windows for scenic view of journey
Onboard Entertainment System

Onboard Entertainment System

  • Onboard Toilets
Onboard Toilets

Onboard Toilets

  • Free Wifi Onboard
Free Wifi Onboard Eurolines

Free Wifi Onboard

  • Half an hour Break in middle of Journey
Journey Break

Journey Break

The bus reached Barcelona Sants station around ten minutes prior to scheduled time. There was absolutely no breakdown or issue in the entire journey. This shows the professionalism of Eurolines France in operating such wonderful coach service. We did not feel tired at all after reaching Barcelona. So, we parked our bags in our room at TOC Hostel and went for a stroll to La Rambla in the evening.

 Are you thinking of buying Eurolines Pass fro Euro Trip, then read our Eurolines Pass Review before taking the call.

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