China – Upcoming Destination for Indian Travelers

Need a Vacation? Visit China. The world’s most-watched and hottest inbound and outbound tourist destination.

China Tourism for Indian Travelers

China is Calling!

The tourism in China has greatly expanded in the last few years. It’s because China has a huge diversity with breathtaking beauty, pleasant atmosphere, inspiring architecture and yummy cuisine which makes it one of the best places to visit in the world. From enjoying  the beauty of the lush green lawns and rocky mountains to shopping the best of designs in clothes China has succeeded in ranking them all.

The fact that there are so many attractions in China that travelers tend to forget their final destination. From one part of the county to the other part everything is diverse in their own way thus making the country an interesting tourist spot. The country has many fascinating attractions like museums, gardens, architectural designs, modern technologies, global centres etc plus shopping is also one of the major attraction of the country. Below listed are few of the must visit  Attractions of China.

The Bund- Shanghai

The Great Wall of China, CHina Tourism for Indian Travelers

The Great Wall of China

Situated on China’s central coast is the city with the biggest global financial hub. The major attraction of Shanghai is the bund which is the most recognisable architectural symbol of the city. The place showcases the world with European architectural buildings and skyscrapers on the other side which is interesting and an epitome of elegance.

The Great Wall Of China- Beijing

Combining both modern and traditional architecture with rich historical backgrounds, the city is worth visiting. The city has numerous places to visit but one of the major attraction of city is the great wall of China. As the name suggests the great wall of China is the longest wall in the world and an inspiring phenomenal architecture. The great wall of China is also one of “the New Seven Wonders of the World” and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China. The city is usually known by this amazing architecture which is a must see.

West Lake- Hangzhou

Beyond Your Imagination, China for indian Travelers

Beyond Your Imagination – China

Known for its scenic beauty, the city is the local political, economic and cultural center of the country and is also the capital of Zhejiang Province. Hangzhou defines beauty and is usually called has “Heaven on Earth.” The major attraction of the city is the west lake which  was created after Chinese love for garden-style parks for recreation. The lake has an amazing view of the horizons and mountains near and far surround it on the other three sides. Walking around the lake or taking a short cruise on the lake is worth a while.

Besides, the country has many other attractions like The Potala Palace in Lhasa, Giant Pandas in Chengdu, The Yellow Mountains in Huangshan, The Li river in Guilin and many more.

Chinese Cuisine – Food you must try

With these amazing attractions one of the known thing China is also famous for is its yummy scrumptious Chinese cuisine. Chinese make countless delicious and scrummy dishes. The food of China varies from the Northern China to southern minority food and much more. Noodles and dumplings of China are a must try while also the other flavours of the country re to crave for!

A Destination of Dreams - China Tourism for Indian Travelers

A Destination of Dreams

China has pleasant climate all over the year. So can be visited anytime that best suits you while applying for Chinese Visa isn’t a difficult ask either.  You can apply for the visa through Chinese Visa Application Service Centres through cities New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

So don’t wait! Go book your China tickets now!!!

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