Book Hotel Stays at Heavy Discounts this Christmas

Are you planning your holidays for the coming winter vacation? Are peak season hotel rates and new year surcharges giving you second thoughts about your Christmas holidays? #SOS

Here is a nice trick to book hotel stays at heavy discounts. With these tricks, you can book hotel stays ranging at 6000 INR (excluding taxes)  in just 2500 INR ( inclusive of taxes). Though this is not a sponsored post by Goibibo, still we can’t resist to share this awesome travel hacking tip. We discovered this trick while booking our own Christmas holidays this season.

Here’s what’s there on table.

Goibibo is offering 55 – 65% discount on base fare (limited at 2800 INR) with their coupon code GREATEST and GOKARDE for all hotel bookings. So, if you are booking a hotel room worth 3500 INR. You are most likely to get a discount of 2250 INR. That will get the booking down to 1250 + taxes (330 INR).

Hey, that’s not the discount we promised? Right! So here’s more discount for you.

While you go ahead to make the booking, choose to pay 25% of what’s left with GOCASH. What’s GOCASH? more on this later.

When you pay 25% with GOCASH, you get the booking down to 937.5 INR + taxes (330). That’s 1267 INR. That’s an amazing deal right!

There’s more, Goibibo will credit 100% cash back of base fare (i.e. 3500 in our example) in terms of GOCASH to your account after you have stayed at the hotel. Simply Wow.

We ended up booking a private cottage at resort priced at 6000 INR at around 2500 INR and many other bookings for our New Year holidays.

Now the loose ends.

Book Hotel Stays with GOCASH

First – What’s GOCASH? Its something like bitcoins of Goibibo. Its a kind of virtual currency priced equal to one INR. You can read more on GOCASH.

Second – How do you get the initial GOCASH required to make booking. Just download the Goibibo app on your mobile. While you sign up, use the below referral code POO5344 i.e. “POO” Characters and “5344” numbers. You will instantly get credited with 2000 INR worth of GOCASH. You can take advantage of Goibibo’s refer and earn program once you sign up.

How did you find this travel hacking post? Are you looking forward to book hotel stays at heavy discounts? Then you can make good savings on your holidays this Christmas and splurge the same on New Year Eve.

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