Why I liked Asus Zenfone2

Technology is changing at a fast pace in the present times. With efficient and user friendly internet apps being launched everyday on Android market, it’s difficult to keep pace with the technology. When my old smart phone started cribbing of low memory space, I was really annoyed having to choose between which applications to uninstall and which to keep. Whenever I wanted to install a new app, I needed to clear cache of various apps and decide a least required application for uninstallation. Frequent updates of applications further slowed down the phone. I realised it was time for me to buy a new smart phone.

In order to make a prudent decision, I listed out my requirements from the phone. As a professional blogger, I expected a lot from my phone. Here is the list of my requirements:-

(a) I required all social media apps like twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, google plus. In order to manage my blog, I needed apps of facebook page manager, google pages, wordpress, google analytics, google adsense. Further, I needed all day to day use apps for connecting to my family and friends during travelling like whats app, skype etc. Overall, I required a phone with enough ram and faster processor.

(b) Though I have a digital SLR for travel photography, I required a good phone camera for taking photos on the move. The key feature I was looking for, was low light photography. This was a really important to me as a blogger while capturing photos of city life, illuminated monuments, house parties, night life etc.

(c) Being a girl, I obviously required a stylish phone which is sleek and looks great.

(d) A key feature for me was battery life. As I travel a lot, I always find it difficult to charge my phone on the go. Further, finding the right adaptor for charging gets difficult in a foreign destination.

(e) As the technology in smart phones is upgrading at a fast pace, I preferred a phone which is a new launch.

(f) I required a dual SIM phone as I normally get a Matrix sim of the destination country other than my usual SIM.

(g) I have kept a budget of around 18 to 20 thousand rupees for buying a phone with all these features. I knew I was asking for much more at this price. I was sure I will need to compromise with at least one of my requirements.

I started comparing the available phones in the market. Further, I searched for smart phones being launched in the next two months. After going through a lot of websites and comparisons, I was surprised that there was a smart phone which not only sufficed all seven of my requirements, but promised much more. I was really happy to choose Asus Zenfone as my next buy.

Armed with 4 GB RAM, Asus Zenfone 2 promised that I would never have to struggle for space while installing apps. Asus Zenfone 2 came with 64 bit class based 2.3 GHz Intel Atom processor Z3580 with Power VR G6430 GPU, Android Lollipop OS 64 bit and Zen UI to ensure that user experience never gets slow and inconvenient. Yes, you read it right it’s 4 GB and 64 bit processor.

Asus Zenfone 2 was loaded with 13 megapixel camera with pixel master technology. It had f/ 2.0 aperture with backlight HDR and zero shutter lag. It had low light mode for my specific requirement of low light photography.

With 3.9 mm edge, 5.5 inch screen and ergonomic arc design, the phone has a appealing look which is stylish as well as sleek. The phone had a dual SIM, which was important for me. The phone came with a herculean battery life at 3000 mAh. Asus Zenfone 2 fitted all my requirements and much more. But, did it fill the bill?

I did a online market survey to find the price of this phone. I was surprised that it had been priced so low. I could not believe I was getting all of this in less than 20000 rupees on Flipkart. I have already pre ordered this phone and waiting for the delivery.

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